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  • Handling Pond Maintenance and Leaks Patching on Your Own

    If you have a pond on your property, you know it can add value and a special touch to your home's overall look. However, pond maintenance and leaks patching are necessary from time to time in order to keep that pond looking great. If you think pond maintenance and leaks patching is necessary, read the below article for some easy tips.

  • The Quick And Easy Solution For Pond Leaks

    Are pond leaks giving you headaches? That can be an aggravating and costly problem as it can be difficult to identify the source of the leak and may be nearly impossible to adequately repair it. For years, traditional EPDM liners have been the only viable solution, but now there is a new and exciting alternative which is allowing pond and fountain owners to breathe easier. Why are leaks so problematic? It can be frustrating to watch the water level in your pond continually decrease. If you have fish, it can be hazardous to their health if the proper water level isn't maintained. Unfortunately, many factors can affect the stability of ponds, fountains and other similar surfaces including temperature extremes, weather related damage and simple wear and tear.

  • Make Pond Repair a Snap With PondPro

    Pond repair can be labor intensive, costly and frustrating. If you've ever experienced that sinking feeling when you realize that the water level in your pond is steadily decreasing, you know what a hassle repairing leaks can be. For most pond owners, it brings up visions of buying a liner and hoping it will fit and provide the coverage you need, and perhaps repeating the process more than once.

  • Build Your Pond To Last With a Liquid Liner

    When you build a pond without providing proper sealing, you're probably watching your money getting washed down the drain. Cracks, holes and leaks can be a persistent and costly problem, so heading them off before they start in the construction process is a very good idea. That means paying particular attention to lining your pond so that it can stand up to wear and tear properly.

  • Liquid Liner Should Be a Basic for Any Pond Repair Kit

    Pond repair kits are a necessity for any pond owner. In order to address the natural wear and tear that results in rips, cracks and holes in pond liners, a handy toolkit can be a lifesaver. What you keep in that kit can make all the difference in the world and no smart owner should be without some PondPro. It has a 25-year history of success and is backed by a 5yyear warranty.

  • Keep Your Roof From Leaking With Liquid EPD

    A roof leak can not only be troublesome, it can also be costly. Both the damage done by the leaking water itself and the cost of repairing the roof can quickly add up. Rather than spend a lot of time, money and effort hiring professionals to repair your roof, why not do it yourself with the only product that's easy to use, cost efficient and extremely durable?


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