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Manual Application Instructions for PondPro 2000

Pond Pro 2000

Surface preparation

Your pond surface needs to be clean, dry and structurally sound. We suggest not using any detergents in your pond. A soft bristle brush and water is all that is needed. You want the surface to be clean of any dirt that will be picked up with the nap of the roller or in the paintbrush used during the application process. Any tears or rips should be coated down the middle with our Butyl tape. Avoid cleaners and detergents since any remaining residue may harm your fish or plants. Only if your pond does not have plants or fish should you consider using a cleaning solution. Any loose caulking needs to first be removed and replaced with the Rubex caulk on our order form. This Rubex caulk has been field tested to be compatible with the Pond Pro and will not void the warranty. Any oil or wax must be completely removed with solvent (mineral spirits). Remove loose coatings with a scraper and wire brush. Rusty or pitted metal should be wire brushed to remove loose oxide. Tightly adhering corrosion may be directly coated with PondPro 2000®.

pondpro 2000 pondpro 2000


PondPro 2000® coverage on a smooth surface is 40 sq. ft. per individual gallon. Each unit of PondPro 2000® comes with its own pre-measured bottle of catalyst, the activator that starts the curing process. Normal application rate is a 20 mil thickness which equates to about five individual pieces of paper. Please wait a full 24 hours on a day above 55 F before filling the pond; assuming it has not rained during that time. Avoid rain in the first three hours of application. Any leftover material that you do not need can be stored for up to one 2 years. If you need assistance calculating the coverage you can give our office a call toll free at: 855-788-5836

How to Mix PondPro 2000

Mixing process For PondPro 2000® You will need a drill, and a gallon mixer attachment for this. When mixing you want to be sure that the drill is creating a vortex and that the material is mixed for a good 3-4 minutes. During the mixing you also want to bring the drill up and down and also in a circular motion so that the material is all distributed uniformly.

The Application Process

The Application Process The most effective method of application is by a combination of brush, roller or squeegee. After mixing, pour out the material in a figure "S" pattern on the large flat surfaces of your pond by first distributing the material with a squeegee. When you notice the squeegee is not bringing any more material back on the rubber of the squeegee you then go back over the area with a 3/8 inch roller to level. For smaller ponds and vertical’s a paintbrush is the appropriate application method.

pondpro 2000 pondpro 2000

The Curing Process

One of the unique benefits of PondPro 2000® vs. other pond sealers on the market is that it cures by a unique catalyst that is already incorporated into the product. What is different about this catalyst is that there is no pot life. As long as you put the lid back on the can the product will last up until three years if you need to go back to do touchups. With other product you are on the clock and after 45 minutes or an hour the product starts to harden in the can. During the curing process there is very unique cross-linking process that occurs when the PondPro literally chemically bonds itself to the substrate of the pond whereby the PondPro and the original pond surface become one in the same. You will not have that type of chemistry with any other product on the markry. PondPro is the only pond product you will ever need to purchase in order to fix your leak right the first time.

Please allow a full day at temperatures above 55 degree for a full cure. The higher the temperature the quicker the cure. If the temperature goes below 55 degrees just add that time lost to your overall cure time. PondPro 2000® can tolerate extreme temperatures as low as forty degrees below zero and waterproofs within 3-4 hrs depending on the temperature. So regardless of the area of the country you are in there is never a need to worry about the product cracking. Sunlight UV and humidity will have no effect on the product. NOTE the product has a three year shelf life.

How to Mix ProFlex Primer

Note ProFlex is only required when another 3rd party coating was applied over the original pond substrate. Proflex Primer is a two component, ready to apply, product with a one to one volume mix ratio. ProFlex needs to be tacky when applying PondPro 2000 over it. This normally occurs within 24 hours after the primer was applied. The higher the temperature the quicker you will be able to apply the PondPro 2000. You also want to apply the ProFlex on a day when rain is not expected as it cannot rain on the ProFlex. The day which you apply the ProFlex primer needs to be above 50 degrees. Lower temperatures at night will slow the cure but will not affect the product. Do not apply ProFlex if you anticipate freezing temperatures or rain BEFORE you are able to apply the PondPro 2000