Monthly Archive: July 2013


Why You Should Use Pond Pro 2000

Does your pond leak or do your water levels drop every now and then? Then it is time you tried pond pro 2000. With the liquid EPDM (pond leaks repair product) pond pro helps in identifying the small leaks that lead to water loss from the pond and as such help in repairing the pond. This product works perfectly with all non-porous concrete fountains and all EPDM fishpond liners. The following are some of the many advantages of this product and why it is a solution to all your pond leak problems. It withstands high...


Helpful Tips for Pond Leak Prevention

Preventing a pond leak is a smart idea because it is a lot cheaper to prevent a leak than it is to repair one. While leaks in ponds happen so frequently that some assume it is an occurrence prone to happen with the passage of time, it is possible to have a pond that is leak-free and keep it that way. Surely pond owners who never have to fix leaks are much happier and richer! Read on to learn how to prevent a pond leak. It All Starts at the Beginning If you are fortunate...