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Resealing Your Pond and Other Basic Pond Maintenance

Having a pond as a part of your landscaping is a great way to enjoy the look of your property. After all, when you have a pond, it is possible to have floating pond lilies and even koi. Of course, part of having a pond is making sure you are practicing proper pond maintenance. This means doing more than just making sure to maintain the pH balance in the water. You should also make sure your pond itself is in good repair by going through preventative maintenance from time to time. Basic Maintenance It is...

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How to Apply PondPro 2000 Properly to Prevent Leaks

Having a pond is a great addition to any personal or professional landscape. It is important to make sure the pond is in good upkeep to prevent water from leaking out of the pond and to maintain the beauty of your landscaping. One of the ways to assure you are stopping leaks is to use a sealing compound like PondPro 2000. This is a combination of ethylene, propylene and a diene monomer (EPDM) that is used to completely seal the pond and make it impervious to leaks, cracks or other problems. To start enjoying a...