All About Pond Repair

PondPro contains all of the same substances as traditional liners but in an easily manipulated form that enables it to cover any size or shape pond. This flexibility along with an amazing durability makes liquid liner a basic addition to all pond leaks repair kits. As a matter of fact, once you’ve used liquid liner all other means of repair will pale in comparison.
Pond repair is almost impossible to avoid since most ponds, reflecting pools and fountains are exposed to the elements and this inevitably leads to damage. Whether it’s rust forming on the metal parts of the pond, dirt and debris falling into it or stress caused by extremes in temperatures or the sun’s UV rays, your pond’s surface can take a beating and you need to be ready to repair it before it becomes too severe.

Nothing works as well to guard against this kind of natural wear and tear as PondPro. It resists oxidization so built up rust won’t be a problem and it is designed to protect against UV damage from the sun. And its unique chemical composition allows it to withstand almost any temperature extreme so that it will stand up to bitter cold and sweltering heat alike.

Pond repair can be labor intensive, costly and frustrating. If you’ve ever experienced that sinking feeling when you realize that the water level in your pond is steadily decreasing, you know what a hassle repairing leaks can be. For most pond owners, it brings up visions of buying a liner and hoping it will fit and will provide the coverage you need and perhaps repeating the process more than once.
It’s not the most pleasant experience and it has left many a pond owner shaking his head and wishing there were a better way to go about things. Unfortunately, maintenance is a necessary evil that comes with owning any kind of water bearing enclosure, be it a pond, reflecting pool or fountain.
There are many factors that can contribute to the breakdown of a pond surface. Everything from falling tree branches to extreme temperature to sun exposure can have a damaging effect on most concrete and stone surfaces. Pond repair is a constant game of catch up as you try to stay one step ahead of whatever Mother Nature throws at you next.

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