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What Is Pond Sealer?

Adding a pond to your property gives it a unique aesthetic that no other form of landscaping can match. That being said, installing an actual pond involves a couple more steps than you may realize. For example, unless you want your pond to turn into an eyesore, you’re going to need pond leak sealer. Keeping Your Pond Intact Hopefully, you understand that a pond is not made by simply digging a large hole in your yard. Even if it holds water, it won’t be doing so for long. That water will end up in your...

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What to Look for in Fish Pond Sealer

Like many people, you may be in the planning stage of installing a pond on your property. Ponds look beautiful and add a unique aspect that will set your lawn apart from those in the surrounding area. Of course, you can always take things a step further and add fish. Koi and other fish make for fun additions you’ll love showing off to your guests. Just be sure you pick the right fish pond sealer to ensure your new landscaping project doesn’t end up becoming a money pit. Only Choose an Actual Fish Pond Sealer...

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Koi Pond Liner Repair Tips

You will always lose some water in your pond, and most of the time, it is nothing of concern. For example, evaporation, the wind, and splashing can cause the water levels to drop slightly. However, if you notice that your koi pond is losing a substantial amount of water, then you should be concerned. Losing anything more than a couple of inches a week is a problem, and it means that there is probably a leak. You have all of your beautiful fish in the pond, and you do not want anything to happen to...