Fish Pond leak solutions and guidelines

Investigating pond leaks is a simple step-by-step procedure if approached systematically. Most fish pond leaks are found in the initial investigations. Easy to find leaks that take very little time to investigate and we covered a large number of potential leak locations. Time is money, as they say, and we want to be as efficient as possible in finding leaks for our clients. Now, we are going to cover more advanced investigations of leaks in flexible lined ponds. Most of these less obvious sources of leaks take more time to find than the easy ones, the majority of which you will have already eliminated by now.

If you can see the leak, you have an easy job. Assuming your liner is rubber or EPDM and most are, you can patch it just like a tire. You can buy a patch online and while you are at it, buy a roll of patching material, because whatever caused that liner to leak will most likely do it again.

There are various types of pond liners available in the market each having its own characteristics. Pond liners are actually very low on the pocket if they are maintained with proper care. Pond liner repair is an easy job when you have mastered how to repair a pond liner. The most famous types of pond liners are the flexible pond liners and the rigid pond liners. The flexible pond liners are made up of strong and flexible materials like plastic that can last for almost 20 to 25 years. These pond liners come with special UV protection that increases their durability. Still, there comes time when one or the other smallest task of pond liner repairs comes in the way.

There are a few things to keep in mind for pond liner repair. The most common type of pond liner material is made from EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber is preferred because it is one of the most flexible and affordable types of materials. It is also one of the most flexible types of pond liner material because it is made of rubber. There are no toxic chemicals that may harm your fish either. Another benefit of EPDM rubber is that is it naturally resistant to UV light. Concrete ponds are difficult to repair, especially in winter where the cold climate causes the ground to heave. Masonry-based repair materials dry rigidly and will break again during winter. EPDM Fish Pond Coating material is a neoprene-based product for covering cement block, brick and cracked concrete ponds.

This material becomes a heavy-duty neoprene membrane that gives a long-lasting repair. Good Pond Liners have some things in common that prevent frequent damage. Flexible materials are popular. They are manufactured in sheet form with factory-welded seams, and U.V. stabilized to resist the effect of the sun. Mostly they are black in color for reflecting value, and are fish- or potable-grade. They will last longer if buried and away from sunlight (around 20-30 years more than rubber materials).For small Fish pond repairs that take less time and efforts, you can always use the pond liner repair tapes. The pond liner tapes are specially designed to repair the smallest of tears and holes that are visible over the pond liner. You can always use single sided pond liner tapes (6 inch tape), for the same. Before starting the smallest task of pond liner repair, make sure that you have removed all the water and the rough materials from the pond.

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