Hiring a Pond Pro

If you if have decided to install a pond, lake or water feature on your property, you should consider hiring a pond professional. The process can be intimidating at first, but follow these guidelines when hiring a pond pro.

Do Your Research

Installing a pond is hard work, and can be time consuming. Therefore, you will need a pond professional you can trust. You will spend a lot of time with your contractor during the installation, and they will be spending a lot of time on your property. They will also be implementing a major design feature that can impact the value of your home.

EPDM Pond LinersFirst, ensure that the pro you hire is licensed. There is likely a requirement in your state for contractors of nearly every type to be legally registered. Doing so typically requires the professional to hold insurance, which should provide you some peace of mind as well.

Confirm They Are Truly a Pond Pro

You have covered step one and made sure your contractor is legal. Now, are they properly equipped to design and implement your water feature? Confirm you are hiring a pond pro, not just a contractor or landscape architect that builds ponds on occasion.

You are going to have to live with the final product, it is important that your contract use pond pro products and provide pond pro services. Water features such as ponds and lakes require a certain expertise. There are many intricacies that you should only trust to a true pond pro.

A wealth of experience is a great sign for a pond professional. Sure, everybody has to start somewhere; it just probably should not be on your property. You are making an investment in a permanent feature on your land after all.If you can secure references from others that have used your contractor, all the better.

Check Your Pro’s Portfolio

It is a point that bears repeating. You are hiring a pond professional because you desire a professional looking pond. What designs can your pro provide?

A good pond pro should be proud of their previous work and be willing to show it off. Check the designs for creativity as well as quality. You want a pond pro with a diversified portfolio because you probably don’t want the same exact pond as everyone else.

Professional Pricing

Pond professionals use pond professional products and machinery. Those things don’t come cheap. Again, this pond is an investment, so it is probably best to avoid the cheapest options.

Plan to open your pocketbook a little for the high quality a professional provides. $3,000 or more is generally an acceptable starting point for most pond pros. A pond pro does not stay in business very long if they cannot deliver a quality product for a reasonable price.

Now the time has come to commit to an installation date. Because you have done your homework in choosing your pond professional, you should sleep well knowing you should soon have a great looking home water feature.

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