How To Apply EPDM Pond Liner

If you are looking for an affordable, easy, and highly effective solution to annoying pond leaks, a Pond Pro 2000 EPDM pond liner is the answer. EPDM is a form of liquid rubber. Waterproof, UV resistant, and designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, PondPro EPDM pond liners are renowned for their durability. And not only are EPDM pond liners incredibly durable, they also incredibly easy to apply.

Surface Preparation:

When preparing to apply an EPDM pond liner, the first step is surface preparation. You will need to wash your current pond liner in order to remove any build-up of mold, algae, or dirt. Keep in mind that for any deep pond, pool, or fountain constructed from porous material, such as concrete or wood, you must first prime the surface with ProFlex primer to ensure the adhesion of the EPDM pond line.

Mixing And Application:

Once you have prepped the surface and ensured that is totally dry, you are ready to begin the application process. You will need to prepare the mixture by stirring it until a vortex is formed, at which point you will pour the catalyst into the vortex. You will then need to stir the mixture until it is uniform.

Once the product is mixed, you are ready to begin the application. Ideally, you will want to pour a bit of the mixture onto the surface to be coated and disperse it evenly with either a brush or roller. Try to apply the mixture evenly but do remember that the product will self-level, so there is no need to stress about it. In addition, keep in mind that you only need one coat of the PondPro EPDM pond liner. In fact, one coat is actually preferable to multiple coats.

The Curing Process:

The last step is the curing process, in which the EPDM pond liner essentially hardens. The length of the curing process is contingent upon a number of different factors. Of course, the first variable is temperature; curing takes place between 55°F and 80°F. You can certainly apply the product if the temperature is below this, however the product will not cure until the temperature is over 55°F Many people fear that solar exposure will damage the curing process. However, sunlight actually works to accelerate the curing process, drying the EPDM pond liner faster. Overall, a full cure will typically take between around seven days.

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    • If you are going over concrete or a 3rd party coating that was put over an original epdm liner then yes you would need the proflex primer. If you are simply coating over an existing epdm liner no primer is needed

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