How to Apply PondPro 2000 Properly to Prevent Leaks

Having a pond is a great addition to any personal or professional landscape. It is important to make sure the pond is in good upkeep to prevent water from leaking out of the pond and to maintain the beauty of your landscaping. One of the ways to assure you are stopping leaks is to use a sealing compound like PondPro 2000. This is a combination of ethylene, propylene and a diene monomer (EPDM) that is used to completely seal the pond and make it impervious to leaks, cracks or other problems.

To start enjoying a worry-free pond, it is necessary to first install PondPro 2000. This is a process that differs depending on the construction of your pond. In most cases, you will only need the polymer in order to get the waterproofing you are looking for. However, concrete is a different story. Here are some general guidelines to get you started.

Drain and Dry Your Pond

It is of absolute importance the pond is free of all water and that it has been thoroughly dried. The polymer will not be able to stick to a surface that has any moisture at all. To assure the water is completely removed, start by suctioning all the water from the pond and then use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the last drops of water. Allow the surface to dry for at least 24 hours before attempting to seal with PondPro 2000.

To make sure the pond is absolutely spotless, you should scrub it out. Get rid of visual dirt, algae and mold so the polymer can stick to the surface. If there is a tear in rubber sealant already applied, use Butyl Tape to patch the area before applying the polymer. Rubber patches can also be used where needed. Always make sure to rough any smooth surfaces to give the polymer something to stick to.

Applying the Primer

If you have a concrete surface, you cannot just apply the polymer to the surface and hope for it to stick. You will first need to apply a primer. This prepares the surface and sticks to the concrete. This way, PondPro 2000 is sticking to the primer and not to the concrete itself. Make sure the primer is completely dry before trying to apply the polymer. Keep in mind most surfaces will not require this step. Metal and acrylic sheets will not need any priming before applying the polymer sealant.

Applying the Polymer

Now that you are ready to apply the PondPro 2000, make sure you are applying the polymer on a warm day (over 55 degrees) and when there is no rain forecasted for 7 days (cure time). If the conditions allow, simply mix up the polymer and use a roller to apply the polymer in a smooth, even coat. Make sure to pay attention to where the polymer is being applied to overlap slightly from one section to the next. Allow 7 or more days to fully cure before refilling with water and you will have a pond that will not leak.

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