How to Find Out if You Need Pond Pro

Whenever you are losing water in your pond, there are a few scenarios that can cause it to happen. Among the possible scenarios is that you losing water to evaporation, you have a leak in the bed of the pond, you have a leak in the walls of the pond, or something is wrong with your water pump. Of all the scenarios, only if you are losing water from a leak will you need to worry about using Pond Pro. So, how do you discover if you need it? This is a step by step analysis to help you determine what problem you have and how to solve it.

Let Your Pond Rest

Every pond has a water pump of some kind to keep the water moving. If you do not have this, you are in violation of health codes, because you have stagnant water on your property (a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes). You will not need Pond Pro if there is a problem with the water pump, so turn everything off and let the water stand. As soon as you turn everything off, mark the water level.

Watch the water for a period of at least ten minutes to an hour. If you do not see the water level going down, you are probably will not need Pond Pro because there is an issue with the water pump, or one of the water hoses. It does not appear you have a crack you need to plug up.

If, however, the water level does go down while you are watching it, there is a very good likelihood you have a water leak. So, what do you do now? Now, it is time to wait patiently to see exactly where the water stops going down. If you are not that patient, you can return the next day to see what the water level looks like. You are waiting to see where the water will stop, so you can find out where the leak is and where you will need to apply Pond Pro.

Fixing the Leak

Now that you know where the leak is, it is time to drain the pond and start the process of sealing it so you will no longer have a leak in your pond. Make sure you dry and scrub out your pond well. Then allow your pond to dry overnight so it is completely dry.

If you have a period of 7 days without rain forecasted, it is time to use Pond Pro to seal your pond. Make sure you are using a roller to apply the EPDM polymer solution. Cover the entire bottom and sides of the pond paying special attention to the area where the leak is at. Make sure if there is a dent or a patch missing where the leak is that it is fixed before applying the polymer. Let the sealant cure completely and then you can start refilling the pond with water.

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