An Introduction to Pond Coatings

Manmade ponds make absolutely beautiful additions to any property – commercial or residential. There are also a number of ways you can customize them, including the addition of various types of fish.

However, one feature you can’t afford to do without is making sure that the surface of the pond is coated properly before proceeding with adding the water. In this article, we’ll explain pond coatings so you understand their importance and feel confident in choosing one for your body of water.

What Are Pond Coatings?

Pond coatings are the chemical barriers used between the material that forms the basin of ponds (usually concrete) and the water itself. Without one, your pond’s foundation is going to leak. It will only be a matter of time before the water and its immense weight finds a weak point and opens a crack. With any luck, it will be a small one you catch early on. Otherwise, the repairs required for fixing it are going to be a lot of work.

Picking the Right Coating for the Job

There are all kinds of products out there these days that provide various types of seals to protect against the type of problem we just described.

However, only pond coatings are to be trusted. Don’t use a sealant that’s meant for traditional applications or any other type of product not specifically designed for a manmade lake. They simply cannot do the trick.

Applying Your Coating

If you decide to do it yourself, there are a few important steps involved with applying a coating. Fortunately, it’s not very difficult at all.

The first thing you must do is simply let the concrete cure. You don’t want any residual moisture causing the concrete to crack or otherwise become weak, as your pond will quickly destroy it.

This can take about four weeks, but if you use an accelerator while the concrete is mixing, it will be more like one.

Next, clean the concrete thoroughly. This means using a vacuum to get rid of any debris that would stand between the coating bonding with the concrete. You should then scrub the surface with warm water and soap using a brush. Again, you don’t want anything – even dust – becoming an issue later on.

Finally, when the concrete is dry again, you can begin the application. Most pond coatings are easiest to apply with a roller brush. Wear a paper mask and gloves when you do this. You don’t want to breathe in the chemical and you also don’t want something this strong touching your skin. It can cause irritation and will be difficult to remove.

Filling Your Pond

Read the label on your coating to find out how long it takes to dry. Only after this amount of time has passed, should you proceed with adding water to your manmade pond. Obviously, if you wish to add plants or other fixtures, you’ll need to do this at some point, too.

Benefiting from a pond coating isn’t difficult, but it is necessary to get right the first time. With the above information read, you should now be in a much better place to do so.

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