What to Look for in Fish Pond Sealer

Like many people, you may be in the planning stage of installing a pond on your property. Ponds look beautiful and add a unique aspect that will set your lawn apart from those in the surrounding area.

Of course, you can always take things a step further and add fish. Koi and other fish make for fun additions you’ll love showing off to your guests. Just be sure you pick the right fish pond sealer to ensure your new landscaping project doesn’t end up becoming a money pit.

Only Choose an Actual Fish Pond Sealer

Step into any hardware or home improvement store and you’ll find shelf after shelf of sealer. For your purposes, though, you absolutely must go with a legitimate fish pond sealer and nothing else. Otherwise, you run the risk of choosing a chemical that isn’t actually made to put up with the demands of a fish pond.

Furthermore, you could pick a chemical that is actually toxic to your fish and any animals that drink the water. It could be fatal to plants, as well.

Consider the Shape of Your Pond

Next, you need to think about how you’ll apply the chemical to your pond. The main thing to think about is its shape. Many people choose what is known as fish pond paint because their ponds have a number of different slopes and angles. This requires a substance that can be applied just like paint but that will eventually dry into an impenetrable surface.

If you’re going for something simpler, you’ll have more options for your fish pond sealer. The important thing is simply that you consider the shape of your pond before beginning the application process.

Do You Care About the Color?

For some people, the color of their fish pond paint or sealer couldn’t matter less. Still, it can make a big difference in how the body of water looks up close. While most go with a black or blue fish pond paint, take a moment to think about how other colors would look. You can even Google them to see examples. You’d hate to apply a fish pond paint, fill it with water, rocks, fish and plants and then find out that you don’t like the result.

Don’t Apply Your Fish Pond Paint Right Away

We’ll leave you with one final tip, though this has to do with how you’ll actually apply your fish pond sealer instead of how to choose it.

If you’re building your pond with concrete, wait a good four weeks before starting. This will give the concrete enough time to dehydrate and cure. People who hurry the process may actually seal in unwanted residual moisture, which will make your pond less stable.

The only way around this timeframe is to add an accelerator to your concrete mixture before beginning on your pond.

Once your pond is finished, your landscaping will have a truly beautiful feature that sets your yard apart and gives your guests something to talk about. Just make sure you handle this vital step correctly before you get too far into the process.

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