What to Look for in a Pond Sealant

Installing a pond on your property is an undeniable way to improve its aesthetics in a truly unique way. The good news is that, unlike a pool, once the initial installation is done, you don’t need to do a lot in the way of maintenance.

However, this is only if you do it right. Amongst other things, this means using pond sealant and understanding what to look for before making your decision.

Easy Application

If you’re going to be applying pond sealant yourself, then it should go without saying that you want a brand that will be easy to apply. This means choosing a liquid pond sealer. Now, as you’d probably expect, every company will claim theirs is the best for this purpose, so you’ll need to do some research.


The most important thing about this research is finding out what people who have a similar design in mind used for their pond sealant. If you’re just sealing a simple oval shape, that’s going to be a lot easier than if your pond has a less traditional form.

The Right Color

A lot of people will want a black or blue liquid pond sealer, but these aren’t the only two options. These days, you can pick other colors, too, like tan, gray, green, etc.

Again, do a bit of research here. Find out what a certain color liquid pond sealer looks like when applied and sitting under the water. The last thing you want is to go through all the trouble of installing your pond only to find out that the sealant you used gives a funny look.

Safe for Animals and Plants

Obviously, your liquid pond sealer needs to be safe for animals and plants. This is usually a given when it comes to modern brands, but it’s still worth checking for just to be sure.

Keep in mind, this is important even if you have no intention of adding fish to your pond. You don’t want your pets drinking the water and getting sick or find that other animals wandered into your yard only to die after doing the same.

A Warranty/Guarantee

Once your liquid pond sealer is applied, you shouldn’t have to think about it for years and years. Look for a brand that guarantees as much and then be sure you’re following the directions exactly so you can hold the company accountable if something ends up going wrong.

Flexible and Tough

Most of you are going to want to choose an epoxy for your pond as this material can bond to any number of curves, meaning it will stay in place. At the same time, it’s nice and tough so it won’t break down and let the water through.

When you do your research, look for people who used a certain pond sealant for a body of water similar to what you have in mind and haven’t had any problems whatsoever for years. This is going to be a good sealant to choose.

That’s it. Follow the steps above when choosing your pond sealant and you’ll have no problems to worry about in the future.

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