Pond Liner Repair Made Easy

You have a water feature to enjoy the ambiance it creates. However, these ponds require attention and maintenance to keep them enjoyable year after year. It is a fact that pond liners can puncture and cause leaks. If your backyard pond liner has a leak, chances are you can repair it quickly with the following easy steps.

  1. You should note that shouldnot need to fully neither replace the liner, nor call a pond liner repair specialist. Leaks are common and pond liner repairs are often simple to make.
  2. Find the leak. With a small home pond, it should be a relatively simple process. Look for puncture wounds or cuts in the liner. There could also be damp spots in what is an otherwise dry area.
  3. Give yourself room to work. If a leak has been exposed on the sidewall of the pond, the water level likely will stop just below the opening. Remove at least six inches of water around the leak to provide enough space to address the situation without allowing water to seep in and potentially cause more damage.You may want to fully drain the leak if there is a leak in the bottom of the pond.
  4. Remove any fish or aquatic animals from the pond and place them elsewhere for safekeeping.
  5. Properly clean the pond liner around the leak. In most cases, you will not have to purchase any special cleaners. Typical dish soap or household vinegar and water from the tap will do just fine. Salt or sand can be added to the mixture to create additional texture, which is useful later in the process.You will again want to give yourself a wide area in which to work. Ten to twelve inches around the torn area should be plenty.
  6. You may consider purchasing a pond liner repair kit online or at your local hardware store. The type of pond liner you have will determine the kit you need. For example, EPDM rubber liners will require a special adhesive and cleaning process than a PVC or vinyl liner for your pond liner repair.
  7. Vinyl pond liners repairs typically involve patching. You can apply an additional piece of vinyl material over the affected area. You likely will have some left over from your initial installation. Make sure to clean the area of any debris and allow it to dry before patching. You will want to make sure the piece you plan to use as a patch is also clean. This will ensure the adhesive will allow the patch to stick properly.
  8. Use a wire brusho add texture to the area and allow the patch to adhere properly. Once applied, use a roller to make sure to smooth the patched area and make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles.
  9. You may now refill thewater and put your fish back in the pond.Check back to ensure that all leaks have been addressed.

It is frustrating when the pond you built springs a leak. Then again pond liner repair is a simple process and you should be enjoying your pond again in no time.

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