Stop your Pond Leaks With Easy and Quick Solution

Are you upset with the Pond Leaks?  That can be an aggravating and costly problem as it can be difficult to identify the source of the leak and may be nearly impossible to adequately repair it.  For years, traditional EPDM liners have been the only viable solution, but now there is a new and exciting alternative which is allowing pond and fountain owners to breathe easier.

So why are leaks so problematic?  It can be frustrating to watch the water level in your pond continually decreasing.  And if you have fish, it can be hazardous to their health if the proper water level isn’t maintained.  Unfortunately, many factors can affect the stability of ponds, fountains and other similar surfaces, including temperature extremes, weather related damage and simple wear and tear.

When a pond leak creeps up, it can be costly to repair, particularly if you have to replace an entire liner or have a custom one made.  And since many ponds aren’t of a standard shape and size this is often the case.  That’s why a solution which can fit any shape or size pond or fountain and provide all over coverage that stands up to environmental extremes is ideal.

Now that alternative exists in the form of PondPro.  Unlike traditional liners, this product goes on in an easily manipulated liquid form which allows you to smooth it on to cover the entire surface of your pond or fountain, no matter its shape.  And it is so efficient that it takes only one application to provide for maximum coverage. It also has a 25 year history of success and backed by a 5 year warranty.

This particular application has many advantages over traditional liners when it comes to addressing a pond leak.  It is resistant to UV rays, so it won’t crack or break even under the brightest sun.  It is resistant to oxidation and provides a solid moisture barrier.  And it can withstand even the most severe of temperature extremes so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in the harsh winter months or melting during summer’s worst heat.

PondPro treatment can be used on almost any non-porous surface to control leaks.  Aside from ponds, fountains and reflecting pools it can also be used around PVC piping, on air conditioner drip pans and in some industrial settings where corrosion can be a regular issue.

And because PondPro only requires a single application, it will prevent that bothersome pond leak from breaking your bank account.  No more buying cumbersome liners which don’t last and don’t really fit well, now you can have peace of mind with a quick, easy and convenient solution that will last for years to come.

Don’t let a leaky pond wash your money down the drain.  Consider using PondPro to plug up cracks and holes and get your pond or fountain back into working shape.  It’s the pond lining solution you always wished for and now it’s become a reality that can make your life much easier!

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