The Benefits of an EPDM Pond Liner

When searching for the right type of liner for a new home pond, it is important to do your research. From flexible liners to concrete and other preformed materials, the wide range of options can be intimidating. One option that allows both flexibility and high quality is an EPDM pond liner.

EPDM Pond LinerThe Flexibility You Want

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM pond liners fall under the classification of flexible pond liners, meaning they can be manipulated into nearly any size and shape. Often, one sheet of EPDM rubber material will be big enough to meet your needs. However, if you are creating a larger pond, you will be able to tape multiple sheets together to achieve your desired results. This means you will not need to be a professional pond installer with a wealth of equipment to utilize an EPDM product. It is important to note though that you will need a specialized butyl tape to waterproof the seams of your material.

The High Quality You Need

Some flexible pond liners will not stand up to the test of time. If you choose a liner made from low-grade plastic or vinyl, expect it to develop cuts and tears. PVC liners, similar to those found in aboveground swimming pools, often puncture easily. On the other hand, an EPDM rubber liner is much sturdier.

While EPDM liners were originally developed to make flat roofs water-resistant, they have become the most commonly used type of pond liner in the US. Because of their roof-based origin, some people are skeptical about the possible chemicals and compositions of EPDM liners. You should note that EPDM refers to a wide range of rubber supplies intended for many different uses. Rest assured, an EPDM pond liner labeled as fish-safe will be safe to use in your home pond.

There is no indestructible pond liner, and you must be careful to remove sharp stones, roots and other objects from the area in which you install your pond. However, EPDM pond liners are much more resistant to punctures than lower quality liners.

It is true an EPDM pond liner will cost more than a vinyl or PVC product, but it is a good investment. Because they are made from high quality materials, you are not likely to replace an EPDM liner often. In fact, many manufacturers put their money where their mouth is and offer warranties of up to twenty years.

EPDM liners are able to withstand the elements of colder climates as well. But you must be careful not to expose them to too much direct sun, which can weaken the strength of the liner over time. Any area under the water’s surface will be fine, but UV hits that hit the bare liner can cause damaged over a long enough timeline. Then again EPDM pond liners will still last longer in direct sunlight than their cheaper counterparts.

With the benefits of superior quality and flexibility, it is no shock that many people that install ponds in their yard or garden prefer EPDM pond liners.

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