Tips for Proper Fish Pond Coating

If you are considering creating a fish pond on your property, or if you already have a man-made fish pond on your property, you need to make sure it is built correctly and cared for properly. One of the problems that could present itself is a leak, but you can vastly reduce the risk of leaks when you are using a proper fish pond coating for the job. Not only do you need the right coating, but it also needs to be applied properly.

Let’s look at some simple tips you will want to keep in mind when you are adding your fish pond coating. They will help you to enjoy a problem-free pond for years to come.

Only Apply Fish Pond Coating When the Concrete Has Set

One of the common mistakes made when coating a pond by those who have never done it before is getting ahead of themselves. They want to have their pond completed, so they do not take the time needed to let everything set up properly. This can cause major problems.

Just because the concrete might appear dry and set does not mean that it is ready. You will generally have to wait four weeks for concrete to set if it does not have an accelerator added to it, or one week if it does have an accelerator. Trying to use the fish pond coating before this time could trap moisture in the concrete. This moisture will later cause cracks to form. If it freezes in your area, the cracks could become even larger and more difficult to repair. Always wait the appropriate time to make sure the concrete has cured.

Dampness and Cold Can Cause Problems

Just as you need to make sure that the concrete is cured, you also need to make sure you are not applying the fish pond coating when the weather is rainy or damp. Again, this is because of the dangers that moisture represents when it is trapped between the concrete and the sealer. Always wait until it the concrete is dry and the weather is nice before you apply the sealer.

In addition to the dampness, you also need to think about the cold. Many of the top products on the market recommend that you only apply the sealer when the temperature is above 50 degrees F. While it might still cure if the temperatures are lower, it tends to take longer.

Do a Thorough Job

When you are applying the fish pond coating, you need to make sure that all the areas of the pond have been coated. If you were to miss even just a small piece within the pond, you are setting your pond up for leaks in the future. Check the pond before adding water to make sure you covered it all.

Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer on the packaging of the fish pond coating to make sure it will adhere properly and provide you with the protection your pond needs.

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