What to Look for With Pond Liners

Choosing the right pond liners does not have to be a difficult job. You simply need to know the main things to look for no matter the type of liner you choose. This will help to ensure that you are getting a quality pond liner that will work for your needs and your budget. The following are some of the most important aspects you will need to consider when you are searching for the right liner for your pond.

Safe for Fish and Plants

Unless you are using the pond solely as a water feature, you need to consider whether it is safe for fish and plants. Many people like to add plants to give their ponds a more natural look, and they may want to add fish as well. Always make sure that the liner, as well as other items you use, such as sealants, are going to be safe for the living things that you are going to put into the water.

Flexibility and Design Options

You probably have a good idea of the basic design that you would like for your pond. Now, you have to find a liner that is able to accommodate it. Many of the rigid plastic liners are limited in what they are able to do in terms of shape, as well as size. Rubber options, such as EPDM have much more flexibility, and these could be a better option for many who are looking for pond liners.

The Weather

How will the weather affect the pond liners you are considering? If you live in an area where it freezes during the winter, what is going to happen to the liner? If the area receives an extraordinary amount of sunshine, will it be able to stand up to the UV rays? Again EPDM could be a good option since it can do well in so many different environments. The last thing you want to have happen is to have your liner crack because of the weather.


When choosing your pond liners, you also have to think about how durable it will be over the years. You do not want to have to repair or replace the liner every year or two. You want to choose something that is capable of lasting for many years without causing headaches for you.


Similar to the durability, think about what type of maintenance the liner might need over time. How often will you need to perform maintenance on the liner? High quality liners should need minimal maintenance, and when you do need to make fixes to it, they should be fast and easy. Once you have it installed, the pond should not take up all of your time just getting things to work properly.


You also need to consider your budget for the pond to determine what type of liner you are able to afford. If you find that you can’t get a quality liner now, it might be a better option to wait until you can get a liner that will last.

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