Why You Should Use Pond Pro 2000

Does your pond leak or do your water levels drop every now and then? Then it is time you tried pond pro 2000. With the liquid EPDM (pond leaks repair product) pond pro helps in identifying the small leaks that lead to water loss from the pond and as such help in repairing the pond. This product works perfectly with all non-porous concrete fountains and all EPDM fishpond liners. The following are some of the many advantages of this product and why it is a solution to all your pond leak problems.

It withstands high temperatures
This product from pond pro 2000 (PondPro) can withstand high temperatures ranging from 62 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that even in hot weather this product will give you good service hence money back guarantee.

One coat application
This product is so unique and it is of very high quality in a way that it does not require several applications for it is good to go. In fact it has an unconditional 5 year warranty. This means that indeed this pond pro 2000 product is of very high quality. On top of that it is compatible with most EPDM pond liners. EPDM can also be used in reflecting pools.

Requires no primer
Unlike other products used for repairing leaks in ponds, this product requires no primer. The unique properties of this magnificent product have a remarkable advantage over other products used for the same purpose. All you need to do is to carefully read the instructions and start sealing off the leaks in your pond.

Water proof
This is one of the major properties of this product that makes it superior to others. This pond pro 2000 product has a distinct water proof feature which allows it to dry upon application. This means that once you have applied this product to the specific area on your pond you can immediately fill your pond with water again and you will be surprised with its impeccable water proof qualities.

Easy to apply
Unlike other products that do need a professional to come and fix or repair the pond, this product is very easy to apply in fact it is a do-it-yourself product. This means that you can buy it directly from the store read the instructions and just fix the leak by yourself. You don’t need help form another person or from a professional.

Lasts longer
From the five year warranty it is clear to say that this product lasts longer than any other product. It has proven itself to be superior to materials like acrylics, urethanes and elastomers. It works perfectly well with these materials but this does not mane that it does not work well with other materials. It works pretty well with a number of materials and it lasts three times longer than any other product used for the same purpose.

In summary, from the above advantages of using this amazing product from pond pro 2000, it is clear to say that indeed it.

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