How to Apply Fish Pond Sealant

Fish pond sealant can be applied to fix or prevent leaks in your pond. With such an important purpose, applying the sealant correctly is crucial. Before you open your can of Pond Pro 2000, familiarize yourself with the steps to ensure you’re confident in the application.

Prepare the Surface

The surface needs to be clean, dry, and structurally sound for your fish pond sealant to adhere correctly. Don’t use any cleaning detergents on your pond’s walls. Instead, use only water and a soft bristle brush. Make sure the surface has no debris on it that can be picked up by the application tool.

If there are any rips or tears on the surface, cover them with butyl tape. If there’s any loose caulking in your pond, remove it and replace it with MS Butyl caulk, which is the only caulk guaranteed to be compatible with Pond Pro 2000.

If you have an EPDM liner, apply a “flash coat” first. This is a very light coating of the concrete pond repair sealant. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step, about 24 hours.

Mixing the Sealant

Pond Pro 2000 needs to be mixed with an electric drill with a gallon mixer attachment. Make sure that the drill is creating a vortex and that the entire can of sealant is being mixed for three to four minutes. Bring the drill up and down in the can during the mixing process to ensure that all the product gets mixed evenly.

Apply the Sealant

The best way to apply your concrete fish pond sealer is by using both a brush and a roller. Pour the Pond Pro 2000 out onto a flat surface of your pond in an “S” pattern, then distribute it using a 3/8-inch roller.

For smaller sections or vertical areas, use a paintbrush for the most even application. Apply approximately two and a half gallons of Pond Pro 2000 for every 200 square feet, achieving a thickness of about 20 millimeters.

Fish Pond Sealant

Let the Sealant Cure

Once the fish pond sealant is applied, it’s time for the curing process. Pond Pro 2000 is unique because it cures using a unique catalyst that’s already incorporated into the can. The catalyzed product has no pot life. Pond Pro 2000 adheres seamlessly to your pond’s surface, essentially making them the same.

Allow the sealant to cure for a full day with temperatures above 55 degrees. The higher the temperature is, the quicker the sealant will cure. The sealant will be waterproof within three or four hours and can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees when cured.

Avoid rain within the first three hours of the application process for proper curing. Once you’ve allowed the product to cure, wait a full 48 hours before you fill your pond with water.

No matter where you’re located, once your concrete fish pond sealer is cured, it won’t crack due to UV exposure or humidity. Pond Pro 2000 is the sealant you need to fix your pond correctly the first time.


Applying fish pond sealant correctly is key to making sure it provides the protection you’re looking for. Pond Pro 2000 is the only sealant that becomes one with the pond’s surface, giving you an impressive protection that other sealants can’t provide.

With a properly prepared surface and the right weather conditions and tools, you’ll have a stress-free experience applying your fish pond sealant. Once it cures, enjoy the five-year warranty that Pond Pro 2000 comes with for even more peace of mind. Pond sealing has never been so easy.

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