Our pond Sealant NEVER needs a primer and ONLY need one coat. Save time and money !!!

Coating an existing EPDM pond liner with Pond Pro 2000

For many of us who have experienced a pond leak with our pond liners we know all too well the enormous task it is to remove an existing epdm pond liner once a leak occurs. For many of us that requires removing the water, finding a safe temporary place for our fish but also involves removing all the surrounding plants, slate, rocks, decorations etc. Once the liner is removed; we will need to level off and reinforce the earth again behind the liner to ensure that the liner does not "settle" to the point that it causes water to escape. The whole process is very time consuming.

Pond Liner

Application on Pond Liners

PondPro2000 is a single component product consisting of a catalyst-based highly flexible butyl liquid rubber. For existing EPDM pond liners only, Apply a "flash coat" (a very light coat) NO MORE THAN 0.75 gal per 100 square feet. The flash coat DOES NOT require purchasing additional material. Too thick of a flash coat may result in temporary bubbling of the material. A minimum 24-hour cure time is required before proceeding with main coat. Cooler temps or high humidity may retard your cure times. The flash coat must be completely dry before applying the final coat. After September, we suggest at least 36 hours between flash coat and main coat due to environmental conditions. Cooler ambient air temperatures and active dew points play a factor in the flash coat as they will also increase cure times. Since there is no pot life to worry about you can take your time; just properly seal the lid. You will need to mix the product with a drill mixer and not by hand. Coverage is approximately 50 square feet per gallon. The material will begin to set up within 2-3 hours depending on daytime temperatures. We suggest waiting a full 24 hours before filling your pond. The product will waterproof within 3-4 hours at temps above 55. If you finish one day and it rains at night, there is no need to worry assuming it was applied 3-4 hours before it started to rain. You simply need to wait for the water to evaporate for the drying process to continue.

Over the years PondPro 2000 has been trusted by thousands of customers as the only one-step solution to repair pond liner leaks. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and are looking for a significantly easier method to fix your pond liner leak you have found it. Your existing pond liner can be coated with PondPro 2000 and immediately your leak is fixed. Seventy five percent of pond liners are EPDM and the balance PVC (sorry pondpro will not work on PVC ). PondPro2000 is 100% Butyl Liquid Rubber allowing it during the "curing" or drying process to find its way into the small superficial cracks and crevices to seal off pond liner leaks. Once the product is dry it forms a seamless membrane. If you have any folds in your liner be sure to straighten them out so the product can dry.

Pond Liner

Pond liners do not have the resilience like our Butyl Liquid Rubber. For example, it will not break down like traditional pre-formed pond liners since it is both UV and ozone resistant. An additional benefit of the PondPro 2000 is that you are also able to use it for joining seams once you apply the butyl caulk and/or tape over the seams.

Pond Liner

There have been several products over the years that have been used to repair pond liner leaks; pond linerhowever, they have been temporary fixes at best. First is patching and glue. Unfortunately, many times the edges will fray and will peal up. Once that occurs it exposes the glue that will lose adhesion. Spray on applications from an aerosol can also have been attempted but again a very short-term fix.

Expandable foam also has been tried and does keep a liner in place but as the earth below changes due to water getting underneath it will force the foam to move and ultimately bringing back your leak.

An additional benefit of the PondPro 2000 is that you are also able to use it for joining seams once you apply the butyl tape over the seams. The key reason PondPro 2000 is so successful is in the chemistry of the curing process. The product is catalyst based and if you were to take a cross section of this and look under a microscope you would essentially see small air bubbles come to the surface. This is the catalyst forcing up to the surface what would otherwise be trapped air. Once the Liquid Butyl cures it forms an airtight seal on your existing epdm membrane. This is the reason why PondPro2000 is backed by a 5-year product warranty. It is the only warranty of its kind in the industry.

The industry's only 5 year Warrantied Product

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