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I am so enthusiastic about this product, and am so looking forward to enjoying the pond and waterfall next spring! It turned out 100% better than expected.

Gail D
Olmstead OH

Here are the before and after pictures of our pond using your Pondpro 2000. It looks great!

Richard B.
Willard, MO

Kellie, here is the pic's of the final product.

Thanks, Bill Gryder



My company is Vivid Outdoor Solutions in San Antonio, D's. Thank you for the Pond pro 2000 we have two more lined up to complete this year so far.

I just finished repairing my fish pond and am very happy with the result! It went on very easily and looks like a brand new pond. Thanks for the great instructions and phone help.

Fred S
Kirkland WA

Hi, I'm Mary Lou H. who had all the questions about covering a cast iron bird bath with your product. It worked great and is now finished and sitting in the Historical Farm House Garden. Thanks for the product and all the answers to a first timers questions!

This all started with a cast iron birdbath given to our Meridian Garden Club which came without care instructions. As the years passed it became more rusty and hard to look at with any affection.

Above are picture is from late last Fall. After a rain it was covered with pieces of rust and no real birds. One of our members had tried with her husband's help to clean it up and use Rust-o-leum paint on it. They did not use all the needed steps and within weeks the rust started to form again showing what you see above.

So I said I would try to fix it. Being a night owl I saw the window screen that was painted with a magical coating that became the bottom of a rowboat and kept the water out of the boat. So I kept looking and found Pond Pro. But I knew that I needed to get the rust off first, found a monument co. that also did sand blasting. Should have looked further because they were blasting stone, the grit they used was too strong for the metal and made some little holes! Didn't find the holes until ready to apply tinted Pond Pro. So I crossed my fingers and dove in! The one larger hole required the head of a brad to keep it filled. Talked to one of your helpers on the phone before starting to find out what paint I could use to to get the gold tones and that would not work. So I tried glitter around the edge and that seems to work.

The two pictures below were taken in Miss May 2017 after the bird bath had been coated with Pond Pro 2000.

The birds were cleaned up and wire brushed then painted with Rust-oleum Rust Reformer. They were then painted with blue, white, and orangey Rust-oleum paint to resemble bluebirds.

The 2 stainless steel bolts holding the bowl to the pedestal started to sluff off the Pond Pro so I dried them off and spread more on them on a warm day.

Pondpro2000 did the job! Our pond looks great!


Put Pond Pro 2000 on the liner of our Waterfall Pond. Works wonderful, no more loss of water for first time. Our contractor will not use a liner without putting Pond Pro 2000 on it to seal. It was very easy to apply.

Linda W
Scottsdale AZ

Dear Greg, I was interested when I read about your product on Pinterest. Our pond has been leaking, and patches haven't worked.

As a first time user of your product, Pond Pro 2000, I am so pleased at how simple it was to coat our pond.

Adrienne helped me get that white seal off the cans, and answered a couple of questions like whether the pond should be covered or exposed. She's a jewel!

The pond looks amazing!

A plus: my children and grandkids are impressed with my results! (I'm 72!)

C Thompson
Orlando, Florida

This is a hole 8'2"W x 17'8" Long by 30" deep and will house an Endless Pools 7'W x 14'L x48"H pool. I wanted to line the hole before installing the pool. As you can see it also will have a sump pump (either a 3/4 or 1 HP) to get the water out as fats as possible should the liner or connections ever fail. I'm also lined the galvanized pool panels with Pond Pro 2000, caulk the joints and corners with Rubex and tape the bottom with Butyl tape where the panels meet the floor to further guard against any failure. I believe in overkill!


Jim W

I saw after I purchased my pond pro materials that if I sent in my before and after pictures I could receive $25 back. Well, here you go. Thank you again and it turned out great!

Timothy E
Hendersonville, NC

This project required 5 sets of the PondPro 2000. The concrete had gradually worn to the point of creating hairline fractures very difficult to find. Previous coatings were applied however water level still gradually decreased. Total material cost $825.00 expected cost to resurface 2500 sq ft concrete pond approximately $3790.00

Here are the before and after pictures I promised Thank you. No more leaks!

Stanley B
Rumson NJ

Dear Julie,

Attached please find pictures of my very successful application of PondPro2000 that I tinted grey to repair my leaking plastic fountain pool liner. Find attached (1) the state of the plastic fountain pool liner after extracting the former fountain which you can see the plastic pool liner was damaged when we lifted the old fountain base which resulted in the pool leaking when filled with water. Next (2) a picture of the PondPro2000 application repairing the fountain pool liner. As instructed we sanded the plastic pool liner with 60 grit sandpaper before the application of PondPro2000. I purchased PondPro2000 in white and tinted it with Universal Color Tint in Grey to better match the former fountain pool liner and to coordinate with the Pennsylvania blue stone that surrounds the fountain. We covered the pool with plastic for a week while it cured so that debris would not stick to the PondPro2000 product when it was tacky. And (3) the final operating fountain with a “leak free” pool. I could not sing the praises of your product any louder. It is what I call a “miracle” product. Thank you for this fabulous solution to a leaky fountain and for your fabulous customer service.

Marsha M
Los Angeles, CA

We make it a habit of testing any product first before we apply it to our customers ponds. We were somewhat skeptic it being a one coat application. the other products we use require a primer and two coats but after researching the product we noticed that is was really EPDM rubber. Very flexible, easy to apply and what was really impressive is that I received a call from one of my guys in the field saying it just rained and the entire PondPro was ruined. We called your office and were told that it was not an issue. That the PondPro 2000 waterproofs immediately. Well the rained evaporate and we let it continue to dry and to this day that pond does not leak.

Dave Burns
Backyard Getaway

Here are before and after pictures of our pond. We used the PondPro in Black. We now have a beautiful pond, with blooming plants, mosquito fish, frogs, tad poles and crayfish. All plants and inhabitants are thriving! Great product; little more expensive than the others but this time our pond does not leak

Joan R.
Auburn, CA

Hello, I have recently finished my application of Primer and then the EPDM on my outdoor, pretty large water fountain. What an awesome product! I have been waiting for years to find something so strong that would waterproof my outdoor fountain, I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about this product! The primer literally "cemented" the crumbling cement layer of the inner wall of the fountain to a state that it will never again fail. Feels solid as a rock! After the EPDM was applied and all through the process, I was outside just giggling to myself I was so happy and tickled about this product. My question to you today is in regards to painting walls that do not and will not be exposed to water but are needing a paint covering purely for aesthetics, what kind of paint (if any?) can I use over the EPDM? Thank you.

Celeste C
Atlanta Georgia

This is a pond at an Elementary School. All concrete with leaks throughout. The first step was draining the both ponds and letting it dry out thoroughly. Next was wash brush to get off any built-up dirt algae etc. At this point an inspection was done to caulk the really bad visible cracks with a butyl caulk. Once the caulk was dry the PondPro2000 was applied with a 3 inch paintbrush and a medium nap paint roller (3/8 inch).

Greetings from Kentucky as promised here are the pictures as promised. Just love the product could not be happier


The product has been on for 30 days not no leaks and I can tell you that we were just about to give up and fill in the pond with dirt.

We had a traditional liner in our pond and it's slowly leaked for years and we've had to constantly patch it. Recently it started leaking a lot...we lost about 4 inches in two days. We had two different pond experts come out but they couldn't find all the leaks. They suggested we have our pond completely re-done and getting a new liner. That would have cost thousands! One of the experts researched an alternative to re-doing our pond before we spent all that money and found PondPro 2000. It's worked great! We have not had any leaks...the water is holding better than it ever has and it looks like a brand new liner! Applying PondPro 2000 was easy...I just painted it on our current liner with a roller and a paintbrush. We let it set dry for 7 days and then added water and then finally plants and fish. Plants and fish are doing great and we couldn't be more pleased with this product!


Brandi D
Atlanta, GA 30328

We are attaching emails of 2 photos of our ultramodern home with 10'x10'x5' triangular fish pond that we just lined with your Pond Pro 2000. It works & looks Great. The photo may be good PR for you.

We were shocked at some of the unique features of the pond pro, as well as quality. I've been dealing with epoxies since they were first introduced, as an Engineer (recently retired), but have never experienced the refrigeration "trick".


Ed Y. PE
La Porte TX

I would like to thank Pond pro 2000 for a great product. I first used thoroseal to give my pond a water-proof base before I coated using Pond Pro 2000. I have used so many other sealers which seemed to be good at first, but later found my self resealing in the spring. I was getting discourage in my attempt to locate and be secure in sealing the interior of my pond with out the mess of cleaning and resealing. Mixing the pre-measured catalyst was very easy. I used my power drill and attached a mixing bit. As you can see, pictures before thoroseal, I had chipping and needed to patch in several places. Using thoroseal properly prepared the foundation and made a smooth surface for Pond Pro 2000. Pond Pro 2000 went on smoothly, and with a little effort covered beautifully. As I worked around the interior of the pond I was amazed at the coverage as well as th coating it had left behind. I used 5 gallons on my 240 foot pond. Thank you once again for producing a great sealer. I know this will be the final coat for my koi pond. I recommend Pond Pro 2000 to any serious Pond owner.

Carman Lando

Well it has been 7 months since we first started using PondPro. We started out with my personal pond in our back showroom. It passed my test and that is a hard thing to do. December 2010 and about 14 projects later I can tell you without a doubt we will only be using your product for our projects. We were very impressed with its ease of use and the fact that it is a liquid Butyl and identical to the EPDM liners out there took out our worry with adhesion concerns. A special thanks to Kellie for her follow up with our amusement part customer ha ha.... She will get the joke. Happy New to everyone there.

Steve Schwartz
Waterfall Design LLC

Our fish are thanking you. We had a artificial pond that leaked and rather than replace the entire lining we were looking for a product that we didn't have to worry about fixing later. We had a heck of a time looking for something. We tried Pondarmor and that didn't work. Your PondPro however did. He had tried some of the tapes on the market but they gave way after time. Our friend recommended we call you guys and we did.

G. Meyers (Carmel Valley CA)

I thought I read at one point that this was non-toxic to fish. We ordered your PondPro and after waiting a week we filled our pond. This is the first time in over two years the water level did not move. Bravo on a great product. Why aren't you guys in my local pond shop? You guys will sell this like crazy here.

Tom H (Corrales NM)


Sure, I would be happy to have my comment on your testimonial page. When I called the company with questions, the gentleman who answered the phone was very helpful, even though he knew from the beginning of our conversation that I would only need a mere gallon, and he still treated me like the most important customer. That means alot, and like I said , the product is great. I've already passed the word to a friend who will be buying some.

Karen H

We did want to make good on our promise you asked if we like the product if we would be willing to send some comments your way. Well what can we say what you said it would do it actually did. Gee what a surprise a company that actually lives up to its promise. Seriously, we have use this on 5 epdm liners so far and there is nothing else we will be using. I never thought there was a Liquid Butyl out on the market for pond repair but sure glad we found you guys. P.S. for those reading this wondering why this works so well all you have to do is read the msds sheet that tells it all. Happy 2011!

Brett Johansen
Water Garden creations

Just making good on my promise you said we would get a $25.00 AMEX gift certificate if we write something about the product. Well I would have done it for free but thanks for the $25.00. So for the past 7 months we kept seeing our waterline go down. We went to two pond shops and tried the crap they had there and nothing worked. Skeptical at this point your sales people really did not try to sell be but rather tell me about the product and why it would work. I really never knew there was a liquid version of the EPDM pond liners. Well it has been about three weeks and the level for the first time is holding. I wanted to make sure before I wrote this but in the past we knew within a few days that the other products did not work.

Too bad I did not know about this 7 months ago I could have saves about $150.00 on the snake oil products out there

Christopher M.
Calgary Canada

We finally got a chance to write you and tell you what a great product you have. As you can imagine since we are an aquarium the products we use must be tested and be extremely durable. After a year and several other orders I am glad to say that we could not be happier. Great product, great company and outstanding customer service.

Thank you,

Donnie Harrington
Director of Fish and Invertebrates
Mystic Aquarium & Institute For Exploration

Being a pond installer we make it our point to field text each and every product before we apply it on our customers ponds. I reviewed the pondpro 2000 on three separate ponds waited a full month and was actually very surprised at the results. The pond pro actually worked much better than some of the very expensive systems we have used. I can tell you that after three customer applications we will be using the Pondpro2000 exclusively

Dave Burns,
Backyard Getaway, Florida

Hi guys for starters wow great product. I need to cover a 230 sq ft koi pond. A leak that we were about to give up with and just tear out the whole liner. I don't have to tell you a nightmare that is. A bit skeptical I have to say at first but the results really speak for themselves. The product did just what it said it would saving me money time and just overall convenience. The pondpro is really thick I guess that is why only one coat is needed. I bit pricey but considering it works and I did not have to do any primers and double coating this is what I will be using from now on. Since I ordered the product I completed two additional projects not as large but both satisfied customers.

Jules Pond and Fountain Repair

Yes you can use my testimony, MY pond/fountain is , like 2 1/2 feet long by 2 feet wide, and maybe 6 inches deep. By letting the water evaporate, it cracked up in many, many places. I used your 1 qt. can of pond pro 2000 on the underside of the pond, I put on a pair of throw away rubber gloves, and smeared it on the bottom and sides of the underside. then I let it dry for little over a week, and "bingo" no more leaks . Thanks pond pro,


I wish I knew about this product last year. I needed to replace my cracked liner and tried a couple of different products one just peeled away and the other gradually started to flake so I was a bit skeptical at first. Your company and your product did what it said it does. It has been on for three months now and so far so good. I also used it to seam around my pvc pipes. I will be sending some picture so you can add to your facebook page.

Connie B. Houston TX

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