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Why Pond Pro 2000?

Pond Pro 2000
Pond Pro 2000
Pond Pro 2000

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Product description: Pond Pro 2000 - Fix Fish Pond and Fountain leaks

pond pro 2000
  • A 25 year history of success
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lasts 3 TIMES longer than elastomerics or acrylic coatings
  • One-coat application
  • Withstands seasonal freezes and thaws
  • Non-toxic to fish and plants
  • UV/Ozone resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Waterproofs immediately upon application
  • Never worry about seams since it forms a seamless membrane
  • Applicable on virtually any surface
  • No primers needed on most substrates


PondPro is a very durable two component Hybrid Polymer based on a Urethane/Polyether chemistry allowing for chemical cross-linking during the drying process. This unique process allows PondPro to literally chemically bond itself to the surface it is being applied on, resulting in a superior bond and at the same time a 100% expansion rate. The industry’s best solution for all non-porous concrete fountains, pools as well as fishponds liners and reflecting pools. These are demanding areas where the unique properties of Pond Pro have a distinct advantage over other products. PondPro 2000 is safe for fish and plant life as well as chlorinated water. This polymer (when cross-linked) is an excellent moisture barrier and resistant to oxidation and UV degradation. However, it's most important property is its ability to tolerate both low as well as high temperatures from -62° to over 350° F as well as temperature swings through the day and night.

How does PondPro 2000 compare to other products?

Water resistance PondPro 2000 is superior to epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, polyesters and alkyds at equal film thicknesses and is not affected by continuous immersion.
UV resistance PondPro 2000 is equal or better than acrylics, polyesters or urethanes and much better than alkyds and epoxies.
Temperature tolerance PondPro 2000 is better than all other coating polymers except silicones. EPDM can withstand live steam as well as cryogenic temperatures.
Flexibility PondPro 2000 is better than all other coating polymers except silicones. EPDM can withstand live steam as well as cryogenic temperatures.
Chemical Resistance PondPro 2000 has very good resistance to strong alkali's, concentrated salt solutions, many acids, and alcohols.
Surface tolerance PondPro 2000 will not bond to a surface that is damp with moisture. PondPro2000 also can be applied directly to metal surfaces that have tightly adhering corrosion without a primer.

Where can PondPro 2000 be used to its best advantage?

The unique combination of properties which PondPro 2000 possesses can be best utilized when they are applied to the exterior surfaces of stationary structures. Examples are:

Ponds and fountains Concrete fishponds, fountains and reflecting pools are another good application for EPDM. Underwater applications such as these are very demanding and the unique characteristics of Pond Pro have the distinct over other products.
Air conditioning drip pans Excellent moisture barrier and rust inhibitor.
Concrete tanks The excellent waterproofing properties of EPDM will reduce or prevent spalling of concrete in cold climates.
Corrosive/humid Exposed structural steel on the interior of industrial buildings with humid or corrosive environments can be coated with minimal surface preparation. Plating operations, smelters, concrete casting
Impoundments Liquid EPDM coatings are a good choice for exterior spill containment structures because of their excellent weathering and broad chemical resistance properties