5 Years Warranty Of Pond Maintenance And Repair

Are you having difficulty finding that leak. Water levels keep dropping? With a 25 year history of success our liquid epdm pond product; Pond Pro 2000 is your answer. Pond Pro is a liquid version of EPDM very similar to EPDM pond liners sold in pond supply stores. It is a 100% liquid EPDM and 100% compatable to your EPDM pond liner sold in pond supply stores. It works extremely well on all non-porous concrete fountains as well as EPDM fishponds liners. Reflecting pools are another good application for EPDM. These are demanding applications where the unique properties of EPDM have a distinct advantage over other products. To give you an idea of just how durable of a product Pond Pro 2000 take a look at a few of its characteristics:

  • Pond pro will withstand temperatures from -62 to 350F
  • One Coat application. No Primer is needed
  • Easy Application- A true do-it-yourself product
  • Waterproofs immediately upon application.
  • It has proven itself superior to Acrylics, Urethanes and other elastomers for up to 3 times longer

The success of Pond Pro 2000 is through combining ethylene and propylene with a diene monomer. Pond Pro 2000 is safe for fish and plant life as well as chlorinated water. This polymer (when crosslinked) is an excellent moisture barrier, resistant to oxidation and UV degradation but its most important property is its ability to tolerate both low as well as high temperatures (from minus 62 to plus 350 degrees Fahrenheit).
So what surfaces can PondPro be applied to?

Repairing a liner is possible in most cases with a liquid EPDM material. EPDM is a kind of synthetic rubber. It is liquid until a catalyst is added that causes it to harden.

The synthetic rubber liners are considered the most durable. They are water and heat resistant. It is resistant to the fading caused by UV light. It rarely tears, because of its high tensile strength. But, a torn liner is the most common cause of a pond leaks.

Pond Pro 2000 is the brand name of the liquid EPDM material. Once it cures it is safe for fish and plant life. Not only can it be used to repair liners, it can also be used to repair concrete, metal, fiberglass and fabric. So if you have a cracked bird bath, fountain or fiberglass pool, the liquid rubber will still work.

If your pond liner is composed of EPDM, it can be torn by sharp objects and start to leak. When that happens, many people think they will need to replace the whole liner, which is sometimes quite expensive. There is another alternative.

Application of the liquid results in a seamless self-adhering rubber membrane, once it cures. It is very similar to the original EPDM liner and has the same advantages.
Rubbers swell when they come into contact with oils, waxes and fats. In some cases, that’s what causes the liners to tear.

In order to use the liquid for fish pond repair, you will need to remove all fish and plants. The pond will need to be drained completely or at least down to the area where the rip is located.

It’s a good idea to wait for a warm day. The curing process is faster at temperatures of 70 degrees and above. You should not apply Pond Pro 2000 when rain is expected within 24 hours. So be sure to check the weather forecast.

The surface of the material to be coated should be cleaned of all dirt and debris. It can be applied with a brush, roller just as you would apply paint.
General EPDM rubber is used exclusively for radiator hoses, freezer gaskets and low temperature seals, steam hoses, and rubber roofing membranes. It is also blended with other rubbers to improve their properties. A multitude of products are now better and last longer because of the contribution made by EPDM rubber.

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