Pond Pro 2000 for Fish Pond Leaks Repair

As seen in Water Garden News and Pond Trade Magazine! Are you having difficulty finding that pond leak. Water levels keep dropping? With a 25 year history of success our liquid EPDM pond product; Pond Pro is your answer. No Primer One Coat and an unconditional 5 year warranty! Pond Pro is a liquid version of EPDM very similar to EPDM pond liners sold in pond supply stores. It is a 100% liquid EPDM and 100% compatible to your EPDM pond liner sold in pond supply stores. It works extremely well on all non-porous concrete fountains as well as EPDM fishponds liners.

For any deep Pond/Pool or Fountain that sits on grade or below that is constructed out of porous material ( this includes concrete, block, wood etc ) must be first primed with the Proflex Primer you can find on our order form. Then it is safe to coat with PondPro. Concrete block should be parged (stuckoed) to make it easier to seal with the PROFLEX. If you put the pond pro on without the primer it will always fail and the only remedial solution then is sandblast removal and that is a costly and messy procedure. Reflecting pools are another good application for EPDM. These are demanding applications where the unique properties of EPDM have a distinct advantage over other products. To give you an idea of just how durable of a product Pond Pro 2000 take a look at a few of its characteristics:

  • Pond pro will withstand temperatures from -62 to 350F
  • One coat application. No primer needed (Concrete applications requires ProFlex primer)
  • Easy Application- A true do-it-yourself product
  • Waterproofs immediately upon application.
  • It has proven itself superior to Acrylics, Urethanes and other elastomers for up to 3 times longer

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  1. This article has inspired me to be a better writer. I hope you continue to write on this topic and add even more original points.

  2. For fish pond leak repair, you need to firstly find the exact location of the leak and after that you can take appropriate action.

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