Finding and Fixing a Pond Liner Leak

Having a man-made pond on the property is great for improving the aesthetics of the yard and giving you a beautiful place where you can sit and relax while enjoying the water. Most of the time, a pond can last for years without need for too much maintenance or repair. However, there may be occasions where you notice that you have a leak. Don’t worry; it isn’t the end of the world, and most of the time, you can repair the pond liner leak without too much trouble.

Finding the Leak

When you notice that the water level in the pond is lower than it should be, and you know that it is not due to evaporation or animals drinking from the pond, you will want to turn off the pump and start to look for the leak. As water drains from the pond, it will usually stop once it drains past where the leak is located. If the pond drains all the way to the bottom, it could mean that you have just one leak toward the bottom of the pond, or you could have a pond liner leak in several locations.

Adjusting the Liner

One of the simplest fixes for a pond liner leak is when the liner has slipped. This can happen because of too much rain and erosion, or an animal could have cause the slippage. Regardless of the reason, if you find that the liner has slipped, all you need to do is adjust it and put it back in place. This might require removing the water from your pond until you return it to the original position, but it tends to be a very quick fix. However, it might not always be quite so easy.

Fixing the Pond Liner Leak

If you have a pond liner leak that stems from a rip or a hole in the liner, you need to locate the holes by examining the liner. Do not stop when you find a single hole, as there could be more. Examine the entire liner sheet to locate all of the potential problems. Make sure you clean and remove any dirt, grit, or debris from the area. If you skip this step and you seal the liner with debris in the tear, it could easily cause the tear to grow wider and you will have another leak.

Then, depending on the size of the tear, you will utilize a patch and pond liner sealer, or just the sealer if the hole is very small. Apply the sealer according to the instructions from the manufacturer and let it dry. You can then return the liner to the pond and add water. It is a good idea to add water slowly and to look to see if there were any pond liner leaks you might have missed. Once you have the repairs made, it should hold for a long time.

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