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Our pond Sealant NEVER needs a primer and ONLY need one coat. Save time and money !!!

Build Your Pond To Last With A Liquid Liner

Build a pond without providing proper sealing and you'll probably be watching your money getting washed down the drain. Pond cracks, pond holes and pond leaks can be a persistent and costly problem so heading them off before they start in the construction process is a very good idea. That means paying particular attention to lining your pond so that it can stand up to wear and tear properly.

Any number of factors can cause the surface of a pond to deteriorate or break and lining it adequately is your first line of defense against them. Sunlight can be hard on some surfaces as the sun's UV rays can cause stress fractures. Exposure to the air can lead to rusting in the metal components of your pond and this can in turn eat away at the surface of the pond bed. And of course temperature extremes can be the biggest culprit when it comes to weather related damage.

If you want to build a pond that stands up to these kinds of elements, you need some way of covering the surface to offer a second layer of protection. Traditional liners made of EPDM can work, but they are not immune to problems themselves. They can crack or split over time and it may be difficult to find one that can be molded to fit the shape of your pond exactly.

An effective alternative is using a PondPro application. It also has a 25 year history of success and backed by a 10 year warranty. This provides the same type of protection as traditional EPDM with the added advantage of being able to be manipulated to fit any size or shape pond. With a brush, roller or squeegee you can give the surface of your pond a strong, durable cover to keep out the elements and help it keep its attractive look for years to come.

And PondPro has several advantages over traditional liners. Not only can it more easily fit any shape pond, it provides a solid moisture barrier and protection against oxidization as well as UV damage. And it is proven to withstand even the most severe temperature extremes so that your pond will be protected in both freezing and sweltering conditions.

Because PondPro is so durable, it can adhere to a number of surfaces from concrete and stone to metal. Just make sure that the surface to be covered is smooth and free of dirt, debris and pitting and you should be able to get a clean bond in one application. Build a pond the right way with a quality sealant and you'll never have the headache of repairing multiple cracks and leaks.

With PondPro, you need only apply once and it will create a waterproof seal immediately as it dries. And it can be used under at any temperature, so you don't have to wait for certain weather conditions to get your work done. Quick, easy and reliable coverage is just one simple step away.

Make sure you start with the right foundation when you're constructing a pond. That means providing a weatherproof seal that will keep out damage and keep your pond in good shape. The beauty of your pond comes from within with a durable EPDM pond sealer.

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