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Make Pond Repair A Snap With PondPro

Pond repair can be labor intensive, costly and frustrating. If you've ever experienced that sinking feeling when you realize that the water level in your pond is steadily decreasing, you know what a hassle repairing leaks can be. For most pond owners, it brings up visions of buying a liner and hoping it will fit and will provide the coverage you need and perhaps repeating the process more than once.

It's not the most pleasant experience and it has left many a pond owner shaking his head and wishing there were a better way to go about things. Unfortunately, maintenance is a necessary evil that comes with owning any kind of water bearing enclosure, be it a pond, reflecting pool or fountain.

There are many factors that can contribute to the breakdown of a pond surface. Everything from falling tree branches to extreme temperature to sun exposure can have a damaging effect on most concrete and stone surfaces. Pond repair is a constant game of catch up as you try to stay one step ahead of whatever Mother Nature throws at you next.

While traditional EPDM liners can provide an answer, often they are not up to the job. But when traditional liners fall short, you can now try a PondPro application. This innovation in the field of pond and fountain reinforcement can provide the kind of coverage you need for almost any weather conditions without breaking either your back or your wallet. It also has a 25 year history of success and backed by a 10 year warranty.

So what makes PondPro stand out so much? First off, it goes on easily and can be manipulated to cover any size or shape surface. Since ponds and fountains can come in a variety of shapes, with little nooks and crannies that are difficult to adequately fill using a traditional liner, the flexibility of a liquid application is clearly superior as one size literally fits all.

Another advantage is the fact that PondPro goes on in one application, which helps to keep the cost of Pond repair from being prohibitive. It can be easily applied with a brush, roller or squeegee or some combination of both to provide maximum coverage and completely seal any and all holes and cracks. And it is non-toxic, so it won't be harmful to fish or to chlorinated water.

Nothing else offers the quality and durability of PondPro. It can stand up to even the harshest sunlight without being damaged by UV rays and is resistant to oxidation which makes it ideal for use in industrial settings where rust can be an issue. Most importantly, it is made to withstand even the most severe of weather extremes so you'll have a fix that you can be sure will last for a lifetime.

If you seem to spend all your free time fixing your pond or fountain and you wish there were a better solution, why not consider a PondPro applications It will have your pond up and running again in no time and leave you breathing easier too!

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