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Handling Pond Maintenance and Patching Leaks on Your Own

If you have a pond on your property, you know it can add value and a special touch to your home's overall look. However, pond maintenance and patching leaks are necessary from time to time in order to keep that pond looking great. If you think pond maintenance and patching leaks is necessary, read the below article for some easy tips.

Confirming You Have a Pond Leak

Before getting to solving the problem of a leak, be sure it's actually a problem. Pond maintenance and patching leaks can be a lot of hard work if it's all for nothing. So do your due diligence upfront, assuming you can't see where the actual leak is happening. If you're simply noticing a drop in water level, it could be that one of the hoses contributing water is broken or, if you have a waterfall, that it is somehow malfunctioning. Once these issues are addressed and you can confirm pond maintenance and patching leaks is necessary, proceed to the next step.

Finding the Leak

If you can see where the leak is happening, then you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, continue reading. Generally, the leak has to be near wherever the water level is resting. Obviously, if it's lower than that, it will continue leaking until it levels off. One simple method of finding the leak is to pour milk in your pond and follow where it goes. The problem with this simple trick is that, if it works, you have a fairly large tear you probably would've noticed in the first place.

The only other solution is to remove everything, including the vegetation, fish and water from your pond. Clean out everything and allow the remaining wet spots to dry out. Now, stick your hose between the plastic liner and the outside of the pond. You should notice it fill and, after a while, should find the area where water is leaking in. Fortunately, once you've found your leak, you can easily patch it with EPDM rubber coating. Buy more than enough so you're ready for next time. Once the patch is done, replace everything in your pond and the problem is solved.

Unfortunately, if your pond's perimeter is concrete, you're in for a bit more work. At best, you'll need to clean out the area where the crack is and patch it with plumber's epoxy. This may only be a temporary fix, though, as the ground around your pond is always moving. Concrete is also brittle, especially after years in the elements, potentially freezing and thawing several times a year. If the first technique doesn't solve your issue you'll need to call a professional to handle your pond maintenance and patching leaks.

Having a pond is fun way to add value to your property and give it a unique look. It can be extremely frustrating, however, to deal with some of the issues that go along with it. One of the most common ones is when it leaks. If this happens, try the above methods to fix the problem.

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