Repair Your Fish Pond Liner

If you notice that the water in your fish pond is starting to go down, it is time to check it out and see what the problem might be. Keep in mind that some water loss due to evaporation or splashing is normal. However, when the water levels start to dip further, you need to figure out the problem and repair the fish pond liner before it becomes dangerous for your aquatic friends.

Locate the Leaking Area

After you check out the pond to make sure that the falling water levels are not due to natural factors, or because there is an issue with the pump, it is time to find the leak. If you were to hop into the pond and try to find a leak with the fish still there, it could cause them stress. Your best option is to move them to a safe area and then start your search for the leak. Watch as the water level drops. Once it stops, you can be sure that the leak is somewhere around that water level.

Look for holes and cracks where the water could be leaking, and then get your patching kit ready. You can find high quality patching kits for EPDM liners and other types of liners that have the adhesive that you need, and this is generally a better and easier option than getting the items piecemeal. When you choose a patching kit, make sure that the patch they provide is large enough to cover the hole with room to spare. The patch should overlap the hole by a couple of inches at least.

Cleaning the Area and Applying the Patch

After you find the hole, the next part of repair for your fish pond liner involves a good cleaning. You need to clean the area and remove any dirt or debris that might have accumulated. If you skip this step when you repair the fish pond liner, you will find that the patch doesn’t adhere properly.

After cleaning, you can heat up the patch and liner using a hair dryer – just to the point where it is warm, and not hot to the touch. Then, use the adhesive and apply the patch. Hold it in place for at least 30 seconds and make sure there are not any wrinkles or creases in it.

Wait for It to Cure

Once you have applied the patch, pay attention to the instructions on curing. Most of the time, you will want to let it cure for about 12 hours before you add any water. When you add the water, you should watch for several more hours to see if the leak persists. Once you are sure the repair of the fish pond liner worked, you can prepare the water and add your fish and plants.

The repairs to fish pond liners are time consuming, but they are relatively easy to do. You should be able to do them on your own. Having an extra patch kit on hand just in case you have future repairs is always a good idea.

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