Resealing Your Pond and Other Basic Pond Maintenance

Having a pond as a part of your landscaping is a great way to enjoy the look of your property. After all, when you have a pond, it is possible to have floating pond lilies and even koi. Of course, part of having a pond is making sure you are practicing proper pond maintenance. This means doing more than just making sure to maintain the pH balance in the water. You should also make sure your pond itself is in good repair by going through preventative maintenance from time to time.

Basic Maintenance

It is important to make sure you are cleaning the pond walls regularly. Use an attached scrub brush to clean the sides of the pond. If necessary, you may have to drain the pond from time to time to clean it thoroughly, but this is not normally a part of regular pond maintenance.

If you have living plants in your pond, it is necessary to trim them on occasion to make sure they are not going to overtake the pond. While you are at it, remove any loose leaves to keep them from getting into the water pump. In some cases, you may have to use a spray to provide a little nourishment to the water plants.

The next step in pond maintenance is to take apart the water pump and change out the filter if necessary, or just make sure you are cleaning the water pump of any dirt and debris you might find there. The last thing you want is to experience a clog in the water pump causing water to spew everywhere and your pond to lose water. As long as you are removing dirt and debris from the water pump regularly, you will not have to worry about these scenarios.

How Summer and Winter Maintenance Differs

The summer time requires constant attention to your pond. This kind of pond maintenance is a little more difficult, because you will need to provide your pond with weekly attention. There is no way of getting around this. If you neglect to check in, you can kill of your fish, your plants will die and it is possible that your pond may start leaking. My spending a little time on your pond every week, you can prevent a lot of problems from happening.

During the winter, there is not as much you will have to do in order to maintain the pond. The colder weather will slow down algae growth, almost to a halt and all of your plants will have died off. As long as you are making sure to keep the water moving in the pond, you will not have to worry about it freezing over. If the water is freezing anyways, you might consider floating a ball on the pond to take some pressure off of the pond while the ice is forming. Through good pond maintenance, you can keep enjoying your pond for years to come.

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